Saturday summer cleaning!

Awesome day! I got so much done from 8am this morning to 8pm tonight! I been cleaning and rearranging my house.

I deep cleaned in every room . I rearrange my kids and my room.

I took down their bunk beds and separated the two beds . A fee days ago actually but i did it in a rush and it was very little space to move around. And that was really bothering me . Ha i would in and be like i got to change this!! So today I finally did and it today🥰

So much more space!

Then i did my room which was less space because i put my office in here ha i hated being out in front because the kids get to me all the time in my room i can close the door and do my work! So I rearranged that🥰

I also finally got to go groceries shopping as will! Which means i cleaned my fridge out and then the cabinets! Downsize in the things in there and whip down the doors.

Cleaning really relaxes me . Knowing the house is clean relaxes me. During the week it can be difficult to clean up with the schedule of work and school although i clean every night its great to deep clean weekends. And when the older two are gone to their dads i always make sure to get their room soot clean because omg boys will be boys!🙄

Happy Saturday to all and i hope u all have had a great weekend and ready for next week!


4 responses to “Saturday summer cleaning!”

  1. THEMomNurseFashionista Avatar

    I plan to do this Saturday gingers crossed! Lol. I plan on getting bunk beds and moving my 3 littles in the room together too.

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    1. Awsome ! Yes i just rearranged since then ha! Good luck on your cleaning


  2. Saturdays have become my go to day for cleaning. It’s so nice to wake up Sunday morning to a clean home to enjoy. There’s not much better than a clean fridge and organized cabinets! 💖

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    1. Right! I love the next day waking to a clean house!

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