Free shipping on most my candles! spoil yourself !

visit my shop and enjoy a candle from private thoughts. with most items being free shipping this makes it even better for you to select one or two!

colorful things brings happiness in a person life! its said that certain color mean certain things when it come to happiness..healing and more.

maybe order a gift for a friend! private thoughts candles are great birthday gift!

do you have a friend who recently did you wrong and made you upset! I have candle for that to!

more scents coming soon but enjoy what I do have. decorate your room with two pretty bubble candles! and enjoy the way it fills your room with new adventure! hahahah I love how my candles make me feel when I walk in my room and sense I create them I have a whole bunch around my house!

visit my online shop! today!

free shipping

free shipping

free shipping

(on most)


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