school starts soon calling all teachers!!!!!

school starts soon and I just can’t wait! I actually filled out to volunteer this year at both my kids school. with such a busy schedule ill keep my self outta my head! my anxiety won’t have time to freak out because ill be so busy!

Many project to finish this year!

For all my teachers!

Everyone want to set up their classroom nice. This space is your space for most the year! so you have all your poster with a little of your touch and you may have your favorite glitter coffee mug on your desk!

you maybe found a nice gold little paper shelf holder! but but but but you do not have a cute nice small decoration to make your class stop by your desk to take a look or smell each day!

visit my candle website and get your cute bubble candle !that candle can be place right in the front on your desk!

Try our tall and short bubble candle scented with many awesome smells like coconut, cinnamon, dragon blood love spell vanilla and more!


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