Unwanted relationship…

Have you ever gotten yourself into a relationship you didn’t plan to be in? a relationship that just got formed and then put in place and now your the girlfriend to them around town!

I feel so stuck.

so..story time guys!

I met a guy that is very sweet to me. and when you been in so many dumb relationship with little boys …you feel like the next person is so different right?

so I began to work along side the person. I was very interested in his positive and very eager way of working. I thought to myself it will be good to work with some one like this. he is a familiar face with line of work. so I began to work with him. As we work he became more fond of me. which was ok at the time because I was living life at that time and having fun.

As time went on we began to get more time around one another and then things just formed into a relationship. 6 months in I realize this person is not being nice to me just because. This person was giving me so much to trap me(I FEEL LIKE) into either needed or wanted more from him.

As time went by he began to just push things into my face. would buy things for my kids or get them things they ask for although I said no. would tell me he doing it anyways and proceed. I don’t have a choice

I know some people may think ..”your crazy who wouldn’t want someone to be nice and buy them things”

But when a person get upset at you and then say they wish they never done it… it wasn’t from the heart. and even worse when they get upset about doing something you don’t ask them not to.

But now its a year later and he is always trying to find ways for us to be connected and me not leave him. I FEEL LIKE HE USES WORK AND THE NEED OF MONEY TO KEEP ME AROUND.

But he got the wrong girl… although I have three kids I have no problem being on the low level of life I have been my whole life and survived thus far.

yes being able to do things you never could do before is great… but having strings attached to it is not fun….or not even having a say in the matter. you are just running my life for me … telling me what moves to make although I have a different plan. im not putting all the blame on him… and I could be wrong about this feeling idk…

I feel like i’m losing myself. I have tried to break up with him many times and he don’t listen…. its like no matter what I say he still gonna be my boyfriend … and i’m not enjoying working no more because he took work and the relationship and put it together. now he speaks to me as if im not a woman working but as if im his wife visiting and watching…. I just don’t like the feeling of none of it..and idk its just ..something off about it and I want out.

I feel like it many ways I am being used and trapped. he slowly got me from my surroundings. he kinda force me to do things to have extra high bills so I would need him to keep up with everything. would preach to me how important money is and how no one else would take care of me the way he do… he try to scare me and push me to want a lot in life that only he can provide for me thus needing him…….

He’s a narcissist…. a sweet loving narcissist.

This happens to woman all the time. we don’t know in the beginning what it will lead t The part that sucks is we wait to late to get out. We don’t speak up and run away. something always scares us from leaving.

I was in an abusive relationship for 6 to seven years and he began chocking me up against the wall before I was pregnant. and although I knew it was wrong and he shouldn’t be doing that I had no where else to go and no one to believe me.

My second relationship was with a guy who started being abusive and I got tougher … but he switch game and played the sad victim bum game and lived off me for five years with bearly helping me . and not wanting better for himself. AND to this day still try to get to me to take care of him in some way.

and now im stuck with a guy who I should have look more into before crossing that line with him. but from the beginning I wanted out.. and all the reasons I used he ignore , apologize for or act as if what I said didnt matter or ill forget we talked about it…

now I am trying to stay to myself and not get anything else from him. I dont except anything else because its more he have on me I feel like. im trying to make my own way so then I would need his work to keep up with my bills I can have my own job and get paychecks from other people. he is not my only option. I am grateful to all the things and I appreciate everything he do but I can’t stop to think that is all a plan to keep me locked down.

I don’t want to date anymore. 11 years of it and im so done done done…

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  1. Girllll when I tell you I can relate so much with this story! He was love bombing you in the beginning and definitely a narcissist! I was with someone like that for NINE yes. My 3 younger kids dad. Then this past year broke up with someone after 8months. I was noticing the patterns and said oh no I can’t do this again. Even my oldest and baby sister noticed things in him I didn’t.
    I say get a new job or transfer to a different department! I understand. I used to work with an ex a long time ago and it was hard when we broke up.

    Girl if you need help email me! I can help you look for a job! You and your boys do NOT deserve that! ❤️

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    1. yes yes yes…sorry for late respond. please email me I would love to talk to you more. It’s so hard…. and worse part is … I feel like im betraying him by getting another job… what I have been doing so far is finding way to start up my own business so I can make my own money…. but I been working on things I can do at home so he dont notice right away… and once it kick off… I can truly move on… I feel so stuck..confussed..lost… I know its something up and wrong and not right or he has me around to use me for something …but he has been my money flow to care for my kids ….and it has never been easier for me …so that is what makes me scared to move on because if I move on will I fall on my face…he tells me that.. no one will take care of me like him… he tells me he is the only one in the world who cares about me… I see all this shit on tv and wonder like wow is that me… fucking with my brain… I need my own d dependence back and the only way I feel comfortable to do that is at home where it wouldn’t create such a change for him to notice….crazy right… threeboysandmeplusanxiety@gmail.com
      thank you


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