How many times a Day????

I mean really how many times a day do I have to clean up. school is out for two week for the holidays . which is always great to be able to spend more time with my boys and watch them enjoy so many things. watch them fight scream and yell. Most of all watch them drag dirt all through the house.

Hahaha many times I am sweeping and mopping. You would think I had 12 kids in my house on a daily . haha my kids are back and fourth and JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND TAKING SHOES OFF AT THE DOOR!

I love them to pieces but LISTEN y’all will have to get it together this holiday break because omg I be scrubbing floors all day!

Holidays is almost over I can honestly say although it is my favorite because it makes my kids so happy but I am also very very very very glad they are over lol. the stress of this time of year is so unreal. I have anxiety and it take me some extra work not to let everyone deal with my stress with me. I have gotten better with holding it in breathing and getting things done.

I have learn many ways to cope during this time.But soon as January hit I am clapping and stomping haha . all my kids birthdays are during the last three months of the year which is holiday back to back and its just a lot for me most times. but over all HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS!

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