Losing a Pet is the worse….

Sadly our pup KING was taken from us on Dec 17 2022.

On this day we celebrated my middle son birthday. He just turn 9! we arrive home , the kids run inside the house. I go inside to get the dogs to walk them like any other normal day.

As I approached the sidewalk in front of my house. A pittbull rushed over to me and my job and grab my pup KING up in the mouthed shaker him crazy. He such a tight grip on my dog! I was freaking out . I was screaming and trying to get the dog off my pup. the owners finally came and beat him off until he let go my dog.

My dog was bleeding under his arm. had a few holes inside of him and his inside had blown up from air beignet in from the holes from the dog teeth.

MY KIDS RAN OUTSIDE seen me and the whole thing going on. I was couldn’t believe what just happen. what I just saw. my pup was badly hurt. my kids was crying to loud was so hurt. they tried to help king as I did and we all jump in the car to take him to a hospital.

The first place was a vet hospital. they were having a holiday party and I remember walking in and they all having a good time at the table and no one got up to come see what I needed. you are a pet hospital you should always be ready for an emergency! they said “hold on where having a holiday party over here” that sentence got my skin boiling and I wanted to say more then I did but remember its not there fault. my response was ” sorry my dog is dying in the car”!

they didnt do anything wasn’t help sent me someone else. I was freaking out because they moved us and him and couldn’t take him and now my do is out of position and can nearly breath and shit inside of him was making a very loud nose and he started screaming. while driving I couldn’t think I couldn’t find the fucking other hospital and it was right near me but the thought that my dog might die on my niece lap was all I was thinking about!

I finally made it to the hospital and they ran out soon and I pulled up . they told my kids the dog would scream but he is ok. they grab KING and took him inside .

I thought right there ok he will be fine they are going to fix him

…….but how wrong was i. Its so sad that they do not operate until money is given. They wouldn’t touch my dog or get him comfy without $600.00

I thoughts to my self wtf ! like so yall will just let him die right now if I dont have that? yes they basically told me. now I have to figured out how to pull $600 out my ass. All my options was running low and finally there was no more options. my dog has been back there almost 30 min bleeding out and nearly breathing.

I started crying I knew then my dog would die and my kids will be so hurt and this stupid dog ruin so much for them on this suppose to have been special day.

a lady was inside the lobby. she was sitting waiting for her dog and over heard that I didnt have the $600 to start his process. she stood up and said’ what do you need $600.00 ill pay the $600.00 ” I was in shock. she said “what the hell its Christmas ” I started crying thinking maybe we do have hope.

so they began the start of process. wrapped him up from bleeding. put two iv in him . put a cone around his head and gave him air to help him breath.

stop! that’s all.

now there another bill.

if I wanted to go any further to help im. it was $8,000 to help him with the rest. I was just beyond shocked. I had do insurance but it was no good there. and it was the holiday and birthdays and such a bad time for me.

Our dog was put to sleep. they told me even if I had the money it was a chance he wouldn’t survive.

they offer to put him to sleep and give us something to remember him by.

I think that whole systems sucks. I can’t believe we as humans don’t help those who need it. that the world have come to rule and regulations with money! we love and miss him so much.

A horrible experience indeed. learning experience and I will be more prepared If this ever happens again.

Dec 17th 2022 R.I.P KING

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