God Sent me a Dream

God sent me a dream last night… I woke up as if I been talking about it all night with God. I got straight to my phone and search what was in my head…. search until he said this one.

now that I know what my dream means… now I know why god sent me this little girl. she will be our blessing. she will bring me closer to him. she will learn and grow to praise him.

It makes sense now. I took in my niece… and although my thoughts was this is crazy.. how could I possible… but god said no child you must take her in. she needs you and you need her. Many blessing will come of this. she was moving in two days later!

Last night God showed me a dream. A dream with her in it. I will carrier out this dream for as far as God need me to.

Blessings will come of this!

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