My son loves fishing!! since he was younger he would love to fish with me and his dad. now as he is getting bigger he wants to fish all the time! he recently saved up enough to buy his own fishing pole. got u $100.00 and I went to bass pro shop while he was […]


DID YALL SEE THESE AWSOME CANDLE I CAME ACROSS! These candle are hand poured and created with love. They come in soy and paraffin wax. many different colors ! you have to try. I love mines set up in my room. they make my side table look so good and the smell come off the […]

Doctor rush!

Good morning. So here I am sitting in my doctors office for a visit that I have missed twice already! I honestly hate to come .it take up so much time out your day and you have to really work around it. Before I started working the way I do now. I would have trouble […]

Business planning ..What now!

The crazy thing is during my process of setting up my candle business I had planned…planned what I thought was planning. I miss so many steps and learning as I go. So CONGRATULATIONS TO ME. I now have my LLC AND EIN for my shop. private thoughts candles in official. The story behind getting my […]


Its great have a good morning. today started with a great walk at the park with my two pups and boyfriend.they were lose and free and its so good to see them happy and free. then we went to take the my shirianan king to the groomers so he can get a cut. now funny […]

Pretty smell good and unique

Hello my name is skye and I created my own candle company called Private Thoughts candle collection Of course the journey to candle making is not so simple but good enough where you can learn how to do it at home and make money! so I tried a few different wax and I tried containers […]

How to be okay with yourself

How to be okay with yourself Here I’m going to explain How to be okay with yourself: 1.      Know Yourself Getting to know yourself is one of the best things an individual can do in accomplishing self-acceptance. As said earlier, you cannot be okay with what you do not know. You must be willing to […]

What being a mother means to me.

Mother’s Day is a day we celebrate woman who have kids . It’s a day where I truly look at my life as a mother. I take the time to look at my kids and see how blessed I am. I truly love my kids with every bone in my body. I fight so hard […]


Have you ever told someone close to you some of your deepest secrets? Did you trust that person that you told those stories to? most of us do right? it will be a friend..or family member. that you gain that trust and feel like ok now I can finally let some of this shit out […]


Growing into independence is hard. When you relied on people growing up. Then boom you are now in charge of your life and you have to keep up with everything. Some people don’t do to well trying to do for them selves. A lot of people would rather live of someone. Once you make money […]

Baby kittens!

The family cat had five babies! And they Are about three weeks now they open their tiny eyes and now at The point trying to walk around . But be very wobbly. They are sooo freaking cute. And so soft

As I watch my kids grow…

As I watch my kids grow I think about all the things they will encounter as the become adults. It terrifies me! Like tonhonestly let your kids move out and be on they own just have to hope they know what they doing ..where they going.. n how to stay safe out in this […]

which parent are you?

when it come to food for your kids which parent are you? are you the parent who make strict diet meal and get them use to that? are you the parent that ask your child what do they want for dinner? give them options and let them eat the type of food they want.. meal […]

A sick morning 😣 on earth day

Omg. My youngest woke in the middle of the night with this horrible cough! That nasty hollow cough …I can see him struggling to gasp for air. He hear himself and could Barely breath because his nose is stuff up… To watch your child gasping for air freaks you out! Not knowing. An they catch […]