I started a go fund me…💜🙏

gofund.me/dd79b0b1 Please take the time to view my page. Small business adventure with the heart to help others with my creations. People with anxiety. People with ptsd or autism. I started my small business in 2022. I love what i do and I’m proud of what i do . I won’t give up . This […]

Private thoughts…

Private thoughts candle collection will be creating mental health candles. I will have a mental health collection and i will also have home decor fun candles . Candles that make statements! I started making candles in march. I learned it from watching videos and reading. Doing lots of research . Some may say candle making […]

Mental health candles..

Since i started making candles i changed my ideal twice…from making mental health candles…😩 sadly base off others opinion . When i started i started with a strong sense of me making candles and using that as a way to show how we as people may feel . The one with mental health bad days. […]

Stressful summer for moms

One month down and more to go. July and some of aug . I can say this summer has been ups and downs . Being a single mom its hard to work when you have kids. This is the reason im choosing to create my own income. Because times like this .summer time your kids […]

So sad why the world is turning to this…

It to a counting of 19 kids and a teacher killed at that school in Texas….it was 14 yesterday and you mean to tell me they found five more bodies!!! Makes me fall to the floor and cry… to think you sent ya child to school and they won’t ever return😣😣 The fear of losing […]

Pretty smell good and unique

Hello my name is skye and I created my own candle company called Private Thoughts candle collection Of course the journey to candle making is not so simple but good enough where you can learn how to do it at home and make money! so I tried a few different wax and I tried containers […]

As I watch my kids grow…

As I watch my kids grow I think about all the things they will encounter as the become adults. It terrifies me! Like tonhonestly let your kids move out and be on they own ..you just have to hope they know what they doing ..where they going.. n how to stay safe out in this […]

which parent are you?

when it come to food for your kids which parent are you? are you the parent who make strict diet meal and get them use to that? are you the parent that ask your child what do they want for dinner? give them options and let them eat the type of food they want.. meal […]